Hainan Mazda Medium-Caravan Tour

Project Period |  From April 2014 to December 2014 (Jiaozuo、Nanyang、Luoyang、Xi’an、Baoji、Weihai、Handan、Jining、Binzhou and Langfang)

Project Effect |  In the recent years, 3 to 5 tier cities have seen the rapid sales promotion, so many automobile manufacturers have pushed out refitted automobile in these cities to extend their sales channels and seize the marketing shares. In 2014, Hainan Mazda with Inno-vision jointly launched its Medium-Caravan National Tour.

A large quantity of customers were greatly attracted to the events where they could enjoy a diversity of performance, such as localized dances, the real vehicle chassis display and driving simulation experience. It was really an lively and impressive feast.
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